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    We are Shawn & Gabby! Our Farm/Ranch is called White Oak Valley Ranch or also known as OLWS. In 2018 to early 2019 , we quit our lives in the city, bought 100 + acres of land in a remote part of the country 1600 miles away from where we grew up and are both building a home (check out our timber frame house plans & Shipping Container DIY Homes) and developing a property 100% from scratch, debt-free. We have goals of raising a family, learning to become self-sufficient and living the life we want to live each and every day!

       We are Just a Crazy Lady and Her Husband with a fascination for animals and the country.  We had a dream on moving off grid and to be able to live from our land with being able to provide a good life for our lil' family. Our story is like any ordinary couple just the fact we found a way into making our passion come true while honestly still trying to make it happen for us. We love all the support we get from our friends, family, and all of you!  We started this website/blog to not only share with you our adventures and struggles but to also help you if you want to move off grid and what to dos and don'ts ! 

     But we also have to say thank you to all of you who have helped us in the journey as well. From just purchasing our DIY plans,  Recipe Books, Recipes, Books, Our Homemade Products like our Soaps and Cleaning Sprays and Air Fresheners.



Thanks Y'all for your support #TeamWOVR




Welcome to White Oak Valley Ranch, Where Our owners take pride in bringing you animals of all kinds.  We specialize in our dogs, re-homing rescue horses, and some exotics. 

We've been breeding Labs for over 15 years, Small Standards & Standard Australian Shepherds for over 8  years. We are going to start venturing in Siberian/Alaskan Malamutes/Huskies due to my husbands love for the breed.

All Our pups are family, people normally get jealous on how my pups get treated better than the people who visit me. But in all honesty, animals are better :) !

If Interested in one of her pups Click Me :) 

 Not Only do our best friends have us to love them but they get to go on vacations with us to the beach and or where ever we decide to roam. Some of our pups go into our Service Dog Program.

 We also take them on hauls, Hauls? You heard right we transport Rescue Horses and Other livestock animals and more around the US!

But be warned the owner is a crazy person ! She may add on a new breed because shes the crazy dog/critter lady .

But she has some cool things too, she makes homemade soaps, and toys and clothing and cleaning products !  

" Family starts with a Furr-tastic Buddy. "

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