More About Us & This Long Journey

For the past couple of years we have been having numerous deep conversations about the world and our goals. We had a busy and complicated and rough beginning of our life and some heartbreaking stuff too. When we first got together like some couples you just know they are the one. My husband was the one for me and still is. But shortly after being together we had gotten pregnant we both were excited and kept it a secret for a little bit to just relish in our happiness. But it was around the time our family was going to Trinidad & Tobago to visit my aunts for their birthday and my moms, flying shouldn't have been a problem for me because I was cleared of the first trimester. But it turned out my flight and the turbulence was too much for me. We were planning our lives around hoping to have our baby where we didn't want to have our child in the city or the burbs close to the city. All the good areas were turning bad.

A suburb elementary school two kids brought a gun into the school just for fun and to show off but ended up getting into a fight with another student and hitting the kid with the gun over the head. When driving to my job by the airport from a somewhat middle class area you could say you would be shocked at the drug activity or people getting high. I grew up in a small town in the country and honestly I was never brought up around any of that and I definitely didn't want our future children in. But after losing our baby it really struck us to try and make a side business which we could maintain off-grid. We looked at Several properties in Tennessee and Kentucky all online due to we couldn't just drive there like most people sometimes you don't have the time and or the funds to go. We decided to on KY because it originally wasn't too far from Maryland because once again after trying for several months because we really wanted our baby we had gotten pregnant again which I was more excited I think then my husband due to my hormones were twice as crazy this time around. Plus my attitudes lol, but we had saved enough to almost move and we researched cabins and a company in KY actually could make us a fully finished house on a payment plan I was in heaven they would've had it done with 4 months.

But during this time my husband and one of my family members had gotten very sick, so the moving was put on a hold. Days then Weeks started to go by we had gotten pregnant in May and my husband got sick in August he wasn't getting any better. I had called the building company and asked if we could put things on a hold because they were still making it and hadn't put it on the property yet. Luckily the Company (When i find the name again i will post them they were amazing) was so understanding they gave me majority of the refund back almost around 80% back. I was very lucky I think but they were amazing great people even helped me find someone to build a well and clear land for a drive way etc. Theres not enough words for me to even say how grateful I was to them. But my husband was sent to the icu in October so we were stuck everything in his body was failing and by mid October I went into early labor where from the stress of everything going on in our lives had pushed me and once more We lost another baby. I was a devastated wreck, dealing with a loss of a baby and my husband being under in a forced coma basically because he was on a ventilator it was hard for me. Made me want more and more to be away from the city and the just everything. By Mid January he had made a somewhat of a recovery but we ended up having to stay with family until he could do a full recovery.

Luckily when my husband and I moved in with family we were able to talk about everything that has happened to us and where we left off in our progress. We had to start from scratch I had to let our property go and sell it and restart all over again. Our Job that we were able to maintain and the business we had to let go it was all a bit a lot.

We agreed that we wanted to own our home on a minimum of 20 acres. I always loved animals and so has my husband so for the animals we had and were going to expand to get we had to have at least 20 acres. I would've honestly been happy with 100 ;) lol but who wouldn't! My husband and I wanted to have our own garden of veggies that we could live off of and store in the freezer or can for worst case scenario's. Farm Animals / Pets we will get back to lol Reduce our Spending on money or have the money saved to enjoy the other luxuries we could do.

If we do try again to have a child I would still want to be somewhat close to a city small possibly to send them too or a small private school. Know most of you may ask why not homeschool? I just think growing up in a small town or sent to a private school may just help our children with belief in our religion and or to learn how to be social where sometimes being homeschooled you're deprived of just a little.

Our Power and water phew we can't wait not to have to pay "BGE" lol ( our local energy/water company). We want to be almost the rich lazy people but rich in life and lazy as in not to have to worry about so many bills and due dates. Our Income now is substantial and luckily we can work remotely, but at our new property we will be thinking of opening up our own little business again to be side cash. Now my husband and I do not have to work our main job together we could comfortably live off of the one income. Now Animals I will not really go into on this post but you can check out another post coming soon or our webpage :).

Since we didn’t want to buy a marked-up property that was already developed, we decided that it would make the most sense to build our homestead from the ground up. We would start small and develop our property as we had time and money. But we were thinking on how COVID-19 has effected so many that while we are not living there and possible not able to do everything by ourselves it would be nice to help our local neighbors and possibly they can help us too.But when we do move down there it will be mostly us building our home from scratch. Even though this lifestyle and process will be a lot of work, we feel that the journey will be much more rewarding and satisfying than conventional ways of living in America today. This is no easy accomplishment in today’s system. There are many things holding us back from achieving true, sustainable freedom, but we love that the we can still move off grid and try to give our life a more excited and interesting life a shot.


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