What to buy, Where & On a Budget

Updated: Apr 20

This post will be one of many and probably updated, and Often. when first looking for an off grid property it’s hard sometimes to find septic and water already on the property if it is there you are One lucky dog.

But for our property for an example NOPE pure bare homestead off grid lol. I have to either find a well driller company or do it ourselves. Or if I want to do solely rain catchment system and cisterns can be really expensive. Plus solar for electricity or maybe the water too. Then there’s the septic system and or outhouse or compost ideas. These are some of the few questions you may already be asking yourself.

There is a lot to think about and there’s a lot of issues pros and cons on what but the main thing on all of this is

#1 Do I Have the Power to do it myself or Your family do it ? or Will I need to hire someone? #2 Money should’ve been number one but I consider it number 2 MONEY MONEY

sometimes when you are starting out you don’t have much money at all to begin with to even do what you want.

#3 Location

#4 Wildlife and surroundings

#5 Weather it could go with location but weather and Mother Nature kinda have there own plans regardless of the location

Will come back soon to finish ! 4/20/2020

So getting back to things you need and may not

our home is in the works, our house will probably consist of 3-6 bedrooms starting out we will only need one bedroom, but we want to have water from a well and we will be storing Rainwater that will also be supplying our pond from the run off. we have been debating on how we will be doing the septic tank since we may want to live off grid but we have also thought about a composting flushing toilet with a diy septic system . Which is a lot more affordable then a Septic system being bought and brought in.

Also keep in mind a lot of counties and states have different rules and regulations. for example my county I don’t need to pull any permits to build my home or anything on it luckily !

more to come soon :)


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