Why did we become more digital about our journey ?

We started going more digital about our journey so that we can show to others that wish to pursue a similar lifestyle as us that they can live a very normal life without the rush. There are many blogs out there that teach you how to start a garden, how to store food and how to raise chickens, heck there's one on being a youtuber but not many focus on the actionable steps of what it really means to quit your life in the city and buy bare land to develop a property from the ground up, without incurring debt or where to find such land or where to look. Where even trying to figure what the first steps are to even getting the property and what to expect. We hope that by sharing our journey that we can show others how it is possible to get out of the fast pace of the world with a little creativity, a little bit of love, a pinch of humiliation and just a dab of knowledge and hard work. Anything is possible even if you aren't a couple you can be a man or woman and do this on your very own. its not hard but research and help is always a bonus. We personally will always be there to help you.

We have created a YouTube Channel, a Facebook Channel and of course our site :)

We also have Etsy for some of our products :) <3 coming soon with links

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